Home Maintenance

Swamp Cooler Maintenance Tips

We're in the midst of the summer heat and it's important to keep our home cooling systems running optimally. I'm sure your de-winterized your swamp cooler ages ago so today I've got some tips for keeping your swamp cooler running well all summer long.

1. Check the Fan Belt Tension

Your fan belt should be pretty tight. When you pull on it, it shouldn't move more than about an inch. If it moves more than that, you may need to have it replace.

2. Check the condition of the Pads

Look at the pads. First, if they are looking worn out or ratty, replace them. Also check to make sure that they are completely saturated - that they are getting wet evenly. If they aren't, you won't be cooling at the optimum level.

3. Check the Water Level in the Pan

In the water pan at the bottom of the swamp cooler the water level should come up to about 1 inch below the top of the pan. If it's higher or lower than that, adjust the float arm as necessary to correct it. 

4. Repair Leaks

Check the cooler and the water supply hoses for leaks. If they are leaking, fix them. Leaking water can damage your roof or foundation (depending upon the location of your cooler) and it costs money. 

If you do these simple maintenance items periodically throughout the summer months, you will stay cooler and extend the life of your swamp cooler.