Melissa is competent but still approachable. Trust her expertise.
— Merlin, Salt Lake City

I'm a loan officer and I've worked with Melissa for a number of years with many different clients. She is hands-down one of the best realtors I've ever worked with. The thing I admire most about Melissa is that she works for the client not for the commission. She treats each client like it was her own family and bends over backwards to give them the absolute best experience possible. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone considering buying or selling a home. You can't go wrong. 

- Dan, Loan Officer, Salt Lake & Davis Counties

Because I asked a trusted Loan Officer for a reference, I had full faith that Melissa would be great. The whole thing gave me anxiety,  Melissa held my hand. She has great taste and an eye for details that I might have missed (mold, cracks in foundations, etc.).

- Michael & Linsdey, Salt Lake City

Before hiring Melissa I was afraid of getting raked over the coals and getting no work done like our previous agent. But Melissa was a star! It was a relief to have it all over.  The stress was killing me, but she made it easier. Melissa is the only one you can trust! She is truly there for you every step of the way.

- Morissa & Amy, Salt Lake City

Melissa works hard and gets it done!
— Elaine, Torrey
Melissa is great because she will work for you and listen to you. She is also always available for questions or emails and text messages. She never makes you feel like you’re bothering her.
— John & Whitnee, South Salt Lake

Melissa is a competent, honest person with a sunny personality. I had been searching for a house on the Avenues for 7 years. I was afraid I would never find a house I both liked and could afford. Melissa helped me find the right house…it was love at first sight.

- Nancy, Salt Lake City

Melissa helped my friend purchase an amazing house a few years ago. When I was getting ready to buy my first home, my friend wouldn't let me use any other realtor! She promised me that Melissa would find the perfect home for me and wouldn't let me be confused or tricked during the home-buying process. My friend was right and I am now living in my perfect home, at a price I can afford and am happy to recommend Melissa to my friends and acquaintances.

 - Kristin, North Salt Lake

She is a top-notch real estate agent and she will treat you fairly and courteously just as she would her friends from start to finish.

Before hiring Melissa Brownell to sell my home my biggest fear was that it would be on the market for a very long time because it was in need of some repairs. Also I was afraid that the selling price would not be enough to pay off my existing mortgage loan balance due to the repairs it needed. With Melissa's advice and expertise I was able to do many minor repairs for much less money than I was expecting. As a result of following her great advice I was able to get my home ready to sell for a selling price that was about $35,000 more than what I was expecting. Once we made the preparations she suggested and the house went on the market we had several offers the first day. We had the house under contract for sale the first day it was on the market. I was also able walk away with enough money from the proceeds to pay off some debts I was looking to pay off. I was thrilled with her ability to walk me through the process and get me the results I was looking for so quickly.

As a result of following her great advice I was able to get my home ready to sell for a selling price that was about $35,000 more than what I was expecting.

My favorite part of selling my home was Melissa Brownell's professionalism and genuine concern and diligence to help me achieve the goals I described to her when deciding to put it on the market. She was very prompt in addressing all my concerns and questions and walked me through the entire process in a very timely manner. I loved the fact that there was no effort on my part in the sale of the home. She took care of everything for me and I very greatly appreciated all of her hard work.

If you want to sell your home or purchase one I would highly recommend using Melissa Brownell. She is highly skilled in the sale and purchase of real estate. She takes great care to listen to your concerns and your goals and makes them her top priority. She knows the market very well and will help you to find the best property for your budget. If you are selling she will give you the best advice possible to sell your home quickly and probably for more than you ever thought possible. She is a top-notch real estate agent and she will treat you fairly and courteously just as she would her friends from start to finish.

Shelley, West Valley


Melissa did an amazing job getting my house in its best possible marketing condition. She had it professionally cleaned, and when she had it professionally photographed I barely recognized my own home it was so beautiful. She was easy to work with, and I always felt that she was my advocate in buyer-seller negotiations. Melissa had a lot of insight into the uniqueness and selling points of The Avenues homes, and I know that is why my home had several offers within hours of its first showing. My biggest fear was that I might not get the maximum selling price for my home. In fact, it sold for over $50,000 over its appraisal thanks to Melissa’s strong marketing.
— Gary, Salt Lake City


My biggest fear before hiring Melissa was that our house wouldn't sell and or that we wouldn't find another one. Totally did NOT come true. Our house sold in record time and we LOVE our new house! The best part of buying a new home was having our offer accepted. The sellers were awfully particular and Melissa helped us present an offer that even THEY accepted! You will not find another agent on the planet who will work harder for you and care more about you than Melissa Brownell.

Judy, Kearns



I knew I liked Melissa from the first time I met her. She helped and gave advice for over a year on the property before we actually put it up for sale. Melissa was great through the whole thing despite a horrible experience with our particular buyer. I was glad when it actually closed.
— Heidi, Salt Lake City

I had never sold a home before. I had no idea what to expect. I had done some of my own research and talked to some friends and family but this was all foreign to me. I had worked with realtors when buying my home that gave me a bad impression about honesty and integrity that you're getting a fair price. Melissa was very open with me about the market, what I should expect, the best time to list and if my asking price was compatible with market prices. She never tried to push me one-way or the other, just gave me the information I needed to make informed decisions. Melissa kept me updated weekly on showings, listings competing in the area, and when offers came in, she was great about keeping me up to date with what was happening. She also solicited feed back from others showing the home to see how it might show better or get comments about what potential buyers were looking for. Melissa is extremely professional, yet will talk to you as a friend. She works hard to meet your goals. She knows the business and is savvy about doing things at the right time to make things happen!                 

Cathie, Draper

I really enjoyed taking house tours with Melissa. She was able to point out aspects about each house that I missed. I should also point out that the combination of Melissa and Mike as a realtor team is wonderful! Both are very friendly and have lots of insights about living in the Avenues area in Salt Lake City. I think the biggest concern was the potential lack of experience. Instead, I found Melissa to be a highly knowledgeable and dependable realtor. Melissa is a fantastic agent—friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable. I am impressed how quickly she gets back to me by email, even two years after the purchase of my home!
— John, Salt Lake City

When working with you, it felt more like we were friends more then we were clients. It was a wonderful experience. There was no real fear. As a first time homebuyer we had no idea what we were doing, when it came down hiring you was the best decision we made. You took the time to explain everything, when looking for a home it felt like, to me, we were your only clients. You are very personable and that was a very nice experience. My favorite part of buying a home was once we finally found the one that my wife and I both liked, that feeling of "this is our home" was by far the best thing about the home buying process.

Tyler & Kelli, Bountiful