Home Maintenance

Spring Cleaning Made a Little Easier

There are tons of places online to find checklists of what to tackle during your annual spring cleaning blitz. Rather than add to that abundance, I've got some tips to help make the cleaning a little easier and more efficient. I've posted this before, but it's the time of year when these ideas may help motivate. 

1. Start at the top and work down. 

Clean those cobwebs from the ceiling and dust off those ceiling fans before you clean the floor. Starting at the top of the room will help keep what you just cleaned from getting dirty again when you move on to the next task.

2. Narrow your focus. 

Rather than look at everything that has to be done, focus on one room, or even one part of a room, at a time. This will make the task seem less overwhelming. It will also help to avoid the frustration of having 6 unfinished tasks. You can complete one section of your house at a time and feel accomplishment rather than despair. 

3. Multi-Task when appropriate. 

Sometimes multi-tasking makes sense. For example, while you're waiting for the curtains to dry, take that time to clean the uncovered window. Or while the hard water stains in the bathtub are soaking, clean out the medicine cabinet. This will make you spend the time much more efficiently.

4. Use gloves to protect your hands. 

Before you get started make sure you have some good gloves to wear while you're cleaning. We just came out of a cold, dry winter and your hands need all the love and protection they can get. 

5. Prepare a reward for when you finish. 

This is the most important part. Create a light at the end of the tunnel - something to work towards - a movie night, wine and chocolates, a nice long bath, a round of golf. Whatever it is, make it worth all that hard work. And while you're sipping that wine, bask in the glow of a clean house.