Home Maintenance

Simplify Your Holiday Decorating

I love the holiday season and I love holiday decorations. They are so festive and pretty and they make me happy. It’s easy for me to go overboard in my decorating and decorating spending. Over time I’ve come to realize that I much prefer a simple decor scheme and while I like decorating, I prefer to enjoy a decorated house more than I enjoy spending hours decorating.

So today I want to discuss some things that could make holiday decorating simpler so you can spend more time with family and friends in your lovely decorated space.

1. Use What You Have

Take an inventory of the decorations you already have. Keep and use what you love, donate what you don’t. And use the items in your home when decorating too. If you have lots of plants, consider wrapping them in twinkle lights and draping them with ribbon or ornaments.

2. Considering Keeping the Color Scheme of Your House

If you use the same color scheme as your everyday decor, you can more easily incorporate it into your holiday decor.

3. Clear Surfaces as you Go

As you unpack holiday decor, use those bins to pack away your everyday decor. That will keep your surfaces from feeling too cluttered.

4. Prioritize

What’s important to you when it comes to decorating? Determine that and stick to it. Do what brings you joy. Isn’t that what the holiday season is about?