Home Maintenance

5 Tips to Brighten Your Winter Home

About this time every winter I am pining for Spring and the sunshine it brings. This winter has been pretty mild so far, but with the inversion coming and going and early sunsets, I cannot wait until winter is over. 

In the meantime I try to do what I can in my house to bring as much light as possible in on these short winter days. Here are some ideas. 

1. Remove Screens from Windows

Removing the screens from your windows in the winter months will allow even more light to come in those windows. Cleaning them every couple months, weather permitting, helps too. 

2. Add Greenery

You could add plants, cut greens from the evergreen-type trees outside and bring them in, buy bouquets of flowers - really anything that you like. I find that having fresh plants in my house really gives the room a pick me up. Gives me one too. 

3. Swap Textiles for Lighter Colors

You could switch out rugs, throw pillow, curtains, etc. to ones that are lighter in color and make the room feel that much brighter. I always feel like Christmas decorations are so dark (though I love them). Switching to a lighter palate after Christmas just seems right. 

4. Add Mirrors

Placing mirrors across from windows helps reflect and seemingly multiply the light coming into your home. It also makes rooms feel larger. 

5. Add or Brighten Lighting

Consider adding extra lamps or switching to higher watt bulbs. Or bulbs of a different spectrum that feel more like sunlight. This is a small switch that can actually make a big difference.

What do you do to brighten up your home in these winter months? I'm always looking for ideas.