3 Tips for Taking Care of Your Lawn in the Hot Summer Months

As we head into the hottest part of the year, I've got some tips to keep your lawn healthy and green. Summer is the season for maintenance for lawns. Here are some tips to do just that.

1. Water Wisely

You lawn typically needs at least  1 inch of water each week - and a bit more when the heat is severe. It's best to water the lawn deeply and less frequently so that the roots are encouraged to grow deep and be less drought resistant. It's also best to water early in the day to reduce evaporation and fungal growth. 

2. Mow Smartly

Your lawn should be cut to about 3 inches during the summer. When you mow, mulch the clippings onto the lawn to help keep moisture levels even and steady. Mow often enough to cut only about 1/3 of the grass blades at a time. It keeps the grass healthier and makes and keeps those mulched clippings from smothering the lawn.

3. Fertilize Minimally

Summer is the maintenance season for grasses. Fertilizing in the heat of summer runs the risk of burning the lawn. 

That's about it! Following these tips can help make your lawn healthier and more enjoyable even in our hottest summer months.