Home Maintenance

10 Tips for Conserving Water in Your Yard

We're always being told to conserve water. Here are some practical tips to actually do it.

1. Fix Leaky Sprinklers & Connections

Make this a weekly check you do in the yard.

2. Consider A Rain Gauge or Rain Shutoff Device

A rain gauge is something you hang outside to monitor the amount of rainfall in a week. Most yards will do well on about an inch a week. A pricier option is an automatic rain shutoff device that you install to work with your sprinkler system. It will check for rain amounts like the gauge and shut the system off as needed. They can be around $200 installed. 

3. Mow Longer

When you mow, don't cut your grass as short. Aim for 2-3 inches in length. This helps shade the soil below and lock in moisture longer. 

4. Water at the Right Time of Day

Don't water in the heat of the afternoon. Mornings are best for lawns. Garden beds will typically do well mornings or evenings. 

5. Buy Plants That Use Less Water

When you plan out your yard, choose plants that use less water and plants that are indigenous to our area. 

6. Group Plants by Water Needs

Plant the plants that need more water in the same areas so you can just water that one area more and the others less. 

7. Water the Roots, Not the Leaves

Make use of smaller sprinklers or drip irrigation to water at the roots of your plants. It's more effective. 

8. Mulch Deeply

Mulching around 3 inches deep helps to hold moisture in the ground and also to discourage weed growth. 

9. Plant Trees for Shade

Trees can help shade your yard as well as your house helping you save water and electricity at the same time. 

10. Collect and Use Rainwater

Connect a rainwater barrel to a downspout of your rain gutters and use that water in your yard. It's free water!

Those are a few tips to help save water and money in the hot summer months. For more tips and lists of water-wise plants, Salt Lake City has a ton of great info.