Buying a Home, Selling Your Home

10 Reasons to Hire A Real Estate Agent

I want to discuss to day ten reasons to hire a real estate agent (and more specifically why to hire me as your agent) when buying or selling a home.

  1. I Will Act in Your Best Interest

    I’m legally obligated to. As a licensed real estate agent I have fiduciary duties that include loyalty, obedience, full disclosure, confidentiality, and reasonable care. If I’m your agent your goals are my goals and we will work together to meet them.

  2. Education & Experience

    I have both a Sales Agent and Brokers License here in the state of Utah. I’ve taken the extensive hours of schooling needed and passed the state exams for both of those credentials. I also take continuing education classes regularly to keep my licenses active and to keep up on all the changing laws and markets.

    I have also been a practicing real estate agent since 2010 and have worked in the trenches learning more and more through practical experience as well.

    When you’re looking to buy or sell, why not use my expertise to your advantage.

  3. Extensive Neighborhood Knowledge

    This knowledge is more than knowing what restaurants and schools are the best in each pocket of Salt Lake City (which I do know), but it also extends to knowledge of home values in each area - both currently and over time. I know what each area of the city is doing in relation to growth and stability and pricing. It’s something I watch on a daily basis.

    Knowing that is good for both buyers and sellers. For buyers it means that when we’re ready to make an offer on a home I know if the asking price is too high, too low, or just right and can advise you accordingly. And for sellers I can help to zero in on the best price at which to sell your home. Setting the right price is like hitting a bullseye - the more accurate the price, the faster the home sells. In my career my listings have sold on average for 98% of the original asking price.

  4. Honed Negotiation Skills

    I negotiate real estate contracts on a regular basis. I’m confident and capable and pretty good at it. You typically negotiate real estate contracts when you buy properties. Chances are I do it more often and am less rusty at it.

  5. Paperwork Expertise

    I also deal with the Utah real estate contract day in and day out. I know them like the back of my hand and understand the details and subtleties. I use that knowledge to make sure you get the most out of your offers and that the small things don’t get missed. Using me means you don’t have to drown yourself in stacks of paperwork that can be confusing. I am there to explain all of it and to make it understandable and simple.

  6. I Have Objectivity

    Buying and selling a home can be emotional - you have memories in the home you are leaving and are looking for a place to put down roots. There is also a lot of money on the table and that can be stressful. I am separate from those emotions. I’m able to look at each transaction objectively and advise you accordingly. Don’t get me wrong, I’m empathetic and am working in your interest, but I can pull back and see the big picture. That can be difficult for a buyer and a seller when your in the throes of moving.

  7. I’m A Buffer

    I work with the other party for you. When you are asking for repairs, or lower prices and negotiating back and forth - I do all the hard work. You tell me what you want and I go to bat for you.

  8. I Have Full Access to the MLS

    If you decide to sell your home by owner without an agent you don’t get to put your house across the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). That’s where the majority of buyers and buyers’ agents will look for homes for sale. I put all my listings on the MLS (and all the other real estate websites) so that your home is marketed to the largest possible byer pool.

  9. This is my Full-Time Job

    That’s it. It’s not my side hustle. And it don’t even have a side hustle. I am a full-time real estate agent. When you call me at 10 am I’m not working my “main job.” I’m available for whatever you need. If an agent wants to show your house in 30 minutes and you’re not home to turn on lights - chances are I’m free to run over and do just that. If a perfect new listing becomes available and we need to see it asap - I’m free to do just that.

  10. For Sale By Owners Don’t Always offer Savings

    Many people lean towards For Sale By Owner properties (FSBOs) as a way to save money. If you list your home on your own you could avoid paying around 6% in commissions. This is true, but FSBO homes often sell for 6% or more less than what an agent marketed home sells for. It’s not a huge difference - enough to cover that commission. But if I’m listing it I’m offering all the services I’ve spoken about above. I’m taking a huge burden off your shoulders emotionally, legally, and practically and your net proceeds will statistically be the same if not more. To me that makes hiring an agent a no-brainer.

Give me a call and we’ll get started today!