Six Reason Why is the Spring Real Estate Market So Crazy

Spring is in the air and the Salt Lake City real estate market is ramping up too. You will always hear us real estate agents proclaiming Spring as the best time to sell. It's the time of year that we see the most homes on the market and the most buyers out there buying. This is also typically the time of year that home prices do most of their rising for the year. What makes spring the magic season? Let's take a look at some contributing reasons. 

1. After being cooped up in the house all winter planning our next move, we are ready to make the planned changes as soon as the weather starts to warm. 

2. The better weather makes moving easier and safer. And much more pleasant. 

3. Our yards look their best in the spring and early summer. We all know how important curb appeal is for a buyer's first impression. Springtime helps with that appeal.

4. Selling a home, buying a home, moving and getting settling into your new home takes time. Families needing to move like to have the entire endeavor completed before the start of the fall school year. Many start the process in the spring so they won't be rushed.  

5. The longer days makes looking in the evenings after work easier. You can see the whole of more of the house after work when the sun doesn't set at 5pm. 

6. As we head into fall the market starts to slow. Kids start school and parents try not to uproot them mid-school year. The weather starts to change and we head into the busy holiday season. All of these things, among others, cause the housing market to slow and prices stabilize. 

So if you're now ready to make the move yourself and buy or sell a home - or both! - give me a call and we'll get started.