Salt Lake City Activities

Salt Lake Acting Company

Salt Lake Acting Company is one of my favorite theater companies here in Salt Lake City. I have never seen a play there I didn't enjoy. They do everything from funny to thought provoking and they always do it well. They have been at it for over 46 years now and work to showcase plays that aren't showcased anywhere else in this area.

In December they devote the month to their annual children's play. They produce their children's plays at the same caliber as the rest of their work and they do not disappoint. I remember seeing "Go Dog, Go!" with my niece around 10 years ago - I was a transfixed as the rest of younger audience - so much fun! Each children's production is based on a children's book. This year is "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs." We have tickets to see it this weekend and I am beyond excited. 

If you haven't given this great theater (and non-profit) a chance, I highly recommend it. I'll link their website with all their info below.