Selling Your Home

Moving Tips for Sellers

Moving is hard. It's emotional, it's physically demanding, it's time consuming. It's hard. And it's almost always on a time crunch and gets stressful. Here are somethings to remember as you go to help get it all done. 

1. Begin Before You List

There is a lot of cleaning and packing that can be done before you even list your house. As you clean to list and declutter your house, you are working ahead and it will make moving day a bit easier. 

2. Deep Clean

The Utah real estate contract says that a seller needs to leave the home in "broom-clean condition and free of debris and personal belongings." I always advise my clients to deep clean their entire house before they put it on the market. If you do that, it will be mostly ready to go when it's time to move. You'll do a standard last clean of everything and get behind your furniture once it's out of the way. 

3. Pack Unneeded & Unseen Items

Sometimes it's scary to start packing before the deal is closed. One way to get a bit ahead is to pack as you declutter before the listing. Go through your closets and drawers and sheds and pack the things you won't need before you move. This gives you a head start and also makes your storage areas seem large and roomy. Then you can pack more in earnest once all the contingency deadlines are done on the contract. 

4. Don't Leave Junk

As you're packing and getting ready to leave, there will be items that you no longer need or want. Take the time to get rid of those items. Don't leave your old junk for the buyer to deal with. 

5. Remember the Golden Rule

Leave the house the way you would want it to be if you were about to move in. If you do that, you'll be a good citizen and sow seeds of good karma into the universe.