Salt Lake City Activities

March Events In Salt Lake City

As always, there is plenty of fun to be had in our great city in the month of March. This month I’m going to focus on classes you can take throughout the valley.

1. Craft Lake City Workshops

Craft Lake City hosts all kinds of workshops each month. There is crafting, cooking, painting, flower arranging, etc. Something for everyone. Get more info on what’s available this month below.

2. Caputos’ Classes

Caputos is one of the best Italian delis in town. They also offer classes every month. Learn about bean to bar chocolates or bitters, hone your cooking skills or find out more about wines and spirits. So many great possibilities!

3. Harmons Cooking School

Harmons Neighborhood Grocer offers so many classes at many of their stores. From child, teen, and adult cooking classes to wine clubs and knife skills. There is so much to choose from and classes all over the valley.

4. Red Butte Gardens Adult Education

Red Butte Gardens is another place that offers wonderful classes all the time. In March you can learn about pruning, tomato propagation, caring for houseplants, and all about soils.

5. Continuing Education at the University of Utah

The University of Utah offers continuing education classes for all ages in a myriad of subjects - backpacking, acting, accounting, foreign languages, sports, photography, etc.