Home Maintenance

3 Ways to Keep Your Furnace Running Efficiently This Winter

We're told to have our furnaces checked and serviced every fall before winter starts to make sure they are ready to keep us warm when the temperatures drop, but now we're in the throes of winter. Is there anything we can do to keep those furnaces operating efficiently throughout these cold months? Yep. Here are 3 tips just for that:

1. Change your furnace filter regularly. 

Your furnace technician will have replace the filter when the furnace was serviced. That's great, but it's not enough. To run efficiently your furnace needs a new, clean filter every 1-3 months. Check your filter after 30 days. If it's clean, give it another 30. If it's not, change it. Houses with shedding animals often need to change it on the monthly schedule. And next year, stock up on filters when they go on sale in the summer.

2. Move Clutter Away from Furnace and Registers

Clear stored items away from your furnace. Make sure it has "room to breathe." This also cuts down on fire hazards. In the rest of the house keep items and furniture away from your vents and cold air returns so that the air can flow more easily, and thus, more efficiently.

3. Dust off Furnace Components

Do this one carefully. With a soft tipped paint brush (a clean one) you can very gently dust off the inner components of your furnace to help it stay clean and running easily. 

These are just some simple tips that will help your furnace keep you warm longer and more efficiently. Stay warm out there!