Living In Utah

6 Stay Cool Hacks to Survive the Rest of Summer

This is the time of year that I start to yearn for Fall - for the lowering temps and changing colors. And just when I don't think I can stand summer for another second, I have at least another month of it. Today I've got some simple hacks that will help take the edge off the waning summer heat. 

1. Keep your curtains or blinds closed in the heat of the day. 

When the sun is beating down relentlessly, keeping the windows closed to it's rays will help keep your home cooler. It will also help save your a/c from working quite so hard.

2. Stay Hydrated

Everyone says it and it's totally true. Drinking water will help keep your core temp down. 

3. Eat smaller meals

Eating big meals gives your body a lot of work to do to digest all that food. That energy needed to do the work can heat up your body. Eating smaller meals means using less energy at a sitting, keeping your body temp a bit lower. 

5. Keep your moisturizer in the fridge

Just thinking of putting on a cool lotion gives me delicious chills. 

6. Take a cool Shower

Take a cool shower to lower your skin temp. Or if you can't do that, wash your wrists or feet in cool water for a quick and easy cool down. 

Those are some quick and easy hacks to keep your temp down as we wait for fall. Hope it helps!