10 Tips for Moving in the Winter

Moving in the winter can seem like a daunting task. The snowy weather can definitely make it a bit more challenging to coordinate. That doesn't make it impossible though. Moving in the winter can be done successfully and without too much difficulty if you do some planning ahead.

1. Start Early

Plan to start a bit earlier in the day than you might a different time of year. The days are shorter in the winter and you'll want to be done before the sun goes down if possible. 

1. Dress in Layers

You'll work up a sweat moving. Dressing in layers will keep you warm and also keep you from overheating as your body warms up. 

3. Don't Pack Winter Supplies

Keep things like your car window scraper, snow shovel, hats, scarves, gloves, snow melt, etc, in a box or laundry basket in your car. You'll know right where they are when you inevitably need them on moving day. 

4. Turn on the Utilities

Make sure you have all the utilities switched to your name and turned on before moving day. You'll need water and lights and heat that day. 

5. Turn off the Furnace

Consider turning off the furnace while you are actively moving your belongings into the house. When you are in and out, opening and closing doors, your furnace will be working overtime to heat the home. Give it and your pocketbook a break while the moving is in happening. 

6. Cover your Floors

Cover your floors with plastic sheets, tarps, carpet remnants or cardboard to keep snow from melting on and dirtying your floors. Also put mats outside every exterior door for people to wipe their feet on as they come inside. 

7.  Shovel and Salt

Clear the sidewalks and driveways if needed and put down salt or ice melt. You'll want to do your best to prevent slips and falls while carrying heavy objects. 

8. Bring Gloves

Have extra gloves on hands for your movers. There's a good chance their gloves could get wet during the move. Extra dry gloves will help them stay comfortable and efficient. 

9. Bring Towels

Have towels on hand to dry items off as they come inside to protect them and your walls and floors. 

10. Have Something Warm to Drink

In addition to stocking up on waters for your movers, have warm drinks on hand too. A full coffee pot or a crock pot of warm hot cocoa or cider will provide a great pick me up to everyone on a cold day. 

Moving in the winter doesn't have to be dreaded. It can be done and these tips will help make it easier.